Shooting Star - About Us

Since 2016, Shooting Star PLT has been masterfully crafting visual narratives that evoke profound emotional connections, redefining the very essence of storytelling through captivating imagery and moving visuals.

Our journey from a boutique studio in Kuala Lumpur to a world-class multimedia powerhouse exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence. With our exceptional team of art directors, photographers, videographers, stylists, editors, and animators, we consistently surpass expectations and uphold the highest international quality standards. We immerse ourselves in your brand's vision to refine its aesthetic, crafting awe-inspiring photography and captivating videos that highlight the inherent beauty and luxury of your products.

Let us illuminate your vision.




1. Tian Xing, Photographer

Our founder, Tian Xing, is an accomplished photographer mentored by the legendary Paolo Roversi in Paris. Embracing minimalism, he artfully captures the innate beauty with his unique perspective. His impressive portfolio features iconic cities like Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Phuket, Bali, and Kuala Lumpur. He has collaborated with renowned clients such as The Datai, Shangri-La, Schwarzkopf, Decorté, SPB, Sime Darby, Sunway Group and Isetan. When he's not behind the lens, Tian Xing cherishes quality time with his three daughters, who are a constant source of inspiration.

2. Joe Lim, Producer

Joe Lim is a highly skilled multimedia producer with extensive experience in managing and producing media and client-related projects. With a background as a former TV producer and content creator manager, Joe's seamless collaboration with sales and marketing teams, combined with expertise in branding, scheduling, and delivering unmatched client satisfaction, distinguishes him from others in the industry. Whether working with multinational corporations or startups, Joe's unwavering dedication to his clients' interests and meticulous approach to excellence and professionalism shines through in every project he embarks on.

3. Yap Boon Hooi, Photographer

With nearly 20 years of expertise, Yap Boon Hooi has passionately devoted himself to refining his craft to an international standard with his unique style of integrating light painting techniques into interior photography. Boon Hooi specializes in luxury hotel and resort photography, having worked with renowned brands such as Park Hyatt, St Regis, Cheval Blanc, Aman, and Shangri-la. His exceptional skill in blending light and composition captures these luxurious properties' architectural beauty and intricate details, evoking a sense of wonder and enchantment.

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